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Teacher Training Manual

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The Matrix of Yoga
by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein

This book offers novice Yoga practitioners a solid foundation on which to begin or build their personal practice. Written by two highly-respected Yoga teachers and scholars in the West-Georg Feuerstein and his wife Brenda Feuerstein-the book will also augment Yoga teacher trainings, and provide current Yoga teachers with an invaluable text to use with or recommend to their new students. Yoga stands for spiritual discipline, as it was developed in India over thousands of years. This is the focus and purpose of The Matrix of Yoga: to provide as simple an introduction to the authentic teachings of Yoga as possible. While Yoga traditionally included physical postures, this was just one aspect of practice. Mental discipline was counted as far more important. Above all, Yoga was wrapped into an overall spiritual framework. Every single discipline had the purpose of helping the practitioner to grow toward inner (or spiritual) freedom. This reader-friendly handbook is divided into two sections. In Part 1 the authors establish the substructure of Yoga, with short essays that cover basic principles: the meaning of Yoga, the practice, the types, the deeper commitment and levels. They go on to explain practical applications of Yogic philosophy to all aspects of life, including: diet, working with the mind, livelihood, and the transcendence of ego. In Part 2, presented in a unique question and answer format, they address 30 of the most important and widely-asked questions by newcomers to this path. Their straightforward and highly-authoritative responses will give any practitioner a more direct understanding of the issues involved in adopting Yoga as a practice, a lifestyle, a spiritual philosophy. Rather than requiring research through numerous and complicated texts to find answers, newcomers will appreciate having wise elders to guide them along the way. Some of the relevant issues include: Can one be a Christian and still practice Yoga? Does Yoga require the need for a guru, and if so how to find one? Is the market appeal of Yoga today an asset or a detriment to the serious practitioner? Without denying that modern practitioners of the physical postures of Yoga are significantly helped by them, the Feuersteins emphasize the “so much more!” The core power of Yoga-which is in its spiritual and ethical wisdom-remains untapped in so many contemporary approaches. This book seeks to address that lack.

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Green Yoga
by Georg Feuerstein and Brenda Feuerstein

Green Yoga is a crucially important book, which addresses the vital interrelationship between self-transformation and the preservation of our natural environment. The worldwide environmental crisis demands that we now do our utmost to help restore Earth’s balance, so that future generations can have a habitable planet to enjoy and to support both their mundane and spiritual aspirations. At its best, Yoga is a holistic tradition that fully acknowledges the interdependence of everything. Its contemporary teachers and practitioners are called to translate the yogic wisdom teachings into a viable “green” lifestyle, which treats both the inner and outer environment with reverence. This book reviews the shocking evidence of the environmental crisis, unsustainable lifestyle choices, and overwhelming human folly, and spells out in straightforward language what this means in practical terms. It is must-reading for anyone seeking to practice Yoga or indeed any other spiritual tradition in a meaningful and responsible manner in the twenty-first century. This is a clarion call for those who actually want to live by the principles of Yoga “off the mat.”

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Transparent Leaves From the Tree of Life
by Georg Feuerstein

The 70 poems of this anthology address major aspects of the spiritual path — from selfishness to altruism and from ignorance to wisdom and sublime realization. They celebrate spiritual life and the great masters, who point the way.

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