Mentorship Program

MENTORSHIP PROGAM with Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. 

This 12 month mentorship is project oriented, which means we make ourselves available to you on writing projects related to Yoga, or spiritual life. Communication happens through the medium of email.

The project can be either personal or public. In the past, some students have written about what concerns them individually, others have submitted for our feedback handouts, manuals, essays, articles, or even a book. We will try to be as helpful as possible with suggestions and references. We are not interested to have our names on your written materials, and in fact would prefer not to, as we do not inevitably endorse all your ideas but go along with whatever YOU have come up with. We see our job as refining your ideas, not as creating. We are also not interested in polishing your work stylistically. If you are open to it, we may point out major flaws with your writing but really we want to be supportive.

Of course, we can only be helpful if you actually submit your written materials to us. We understand if you need time to formulate your ideas. You can bounce them off of us, if you like, but we would prefer it if, with your first email, you indicate what you want to work on.  You can always change your mind later on, and we will adjust.

A common problem that students want to tackle concerns their belief in God and how Yoga relates to it. This is fine by us. Another popular topic is the matter of the guru. We will not recommend anyone but will help you work through whatever you see as the problems. We have seen some nice work on the yamas and niyamas and on nondualism.

Our intention is to help you clarify your thinking. This takes patience and time and maybe a hint or two. With over 50 books under my belt combined with Brenda’s practical expertise, we believe we can help with the last mentioned.


START DATE: This program is currently closed.

REFUND POLICY: NO refunds will be made.

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