Sample Pages From Our Course Manuals

We make every attempt to provide our students not only with sound information about Yoga but also graphically pleasing manuals. Each distance-learning comes with its own detailed manual with numerous illustrations and printed on recycled paper. The following sample pages will give you an idea of our approach.

Sample Pages from the 988-Page Binder for the 800-Hour Course

Each of the 988 pages is packed with information and often the text is accompanied by one or more images.

“An entire Yoga library in a single volume!”

“The most worthwhile study I’ve ever undertaken.” —Student, 2003-2005


Sample Pages from the 380-Page Binder for the 250-Hour Course on Patanjali’s Classical Yoga

The course on Classical Yoga takes the needs of Yoga practitioners into account and contains many important insights into Patanjali’s eightfold path. It also makes numerous connections to contemporary life and knowledge.

“An entire Yoga library in a single volume!”

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