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What Our Students Have Said

“I must say that I find this course work to be totally awesome. I know that this opportunity to participate is truly the answer to a prayer. I know my Yoga practice has already changed as a result of my participation to date.”—S.P., South Portland, Oregon

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the course. So much information and so much to think about! You have put such a lot of work into this and created something really inspiring.”—H. M., South Nutfield, England

“I am fascinated by the course and deeply impressed with the quality of the materials. I am in awe of the clarity of the writing and want you to know that since I’ve started the program I have a keen sense of something else around me: blessedness, being embraced with kindness and wisdom.”—K. N. B., Virginia

“I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the study.” N.C., Los Angeles, California

“The TYS course has certainly assisted me in the realization of steps needed on my journey to my true Nature. I now more regularly practice setting intention, breath control, mantra, mudra, meditation. If the course did nothing esle for me, this would surely be enough.”—C. T., Ocean View, Delaware

“Thank you for this fabulous course. You have done an amazing feat in pulling together all of this material in such an accessible and exciting way.”—L.S., Bronte, Australia

“I am frankly stunned by the depth of information imparted in this course. I am so happy to have finally gained access to trustworthy information on Yoga written in a cultural language I can understand. Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf.”—L. M., Columbus, Ohio

“The course is wonderful and I enjoy being exposed to so many new ideas, concepts, words, etc. The “For Reflection” questions are particularly thought provoking. I will have quite a log of my own personal philosophy when the course is completed. Thank you for creating this course and making it available to us all.”—Z.V., Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Looking back over these past two years and my experience with the Yoga Tradition course, I acknowledge it has given me vayu; its spirit-wind has buoyed me up and kept me afloat. I open myself like a sail to catch the currents of change. It’s like I have been given a much higher perspective. In spite of the tsunamis of thought, I’m not so apt to be blown off course. My perspective now includes a philosophical understanding, historical context, and language to express my inner experience.”—S.C., Suttons Bay, Michigan

“If you asked me if this course has changed me, the answer is yes. It has changed me and then I changed my life. I have learned the real meaning of impermanence and how to better live with impermanence. It has not been an easy learning experience; in fact, it has been a very hard one. This course has taught me to let go of my attachments to answers. For the first time in my life, I can live without knowning because I learned that the asking of the question is the answer itself; so from now on I can only attempt to ask better questions.” —N.B., Ville Ste.-Catherine, Canada

“The Yoga Tradition course has certainly assisted me in the realization of steps needed on my journey to my true Nature. The course succeeded in providing me with a direction during the course work and in my future studies. The course has been helpful in ecouraging me to be more mindful. I now practice more regularly setting intention, breath control, mantra, mudra, meditation. If the course did nothing else for me, this would surely be enough.—C.T., Ocean View, Delaware

“This course has taught me commitment, patience, discipline, and awareness. It has also helped to appreciate my ordinary life.”—K. Tyden, Malmo, Sweden

“The course has stimulated within me a more serious attention to, as my students would say, how “I feel” about something, as opposed to what I can safely articulate in logical and conceptual terms. It has also reinvigorated a more regular practice of daily meditation and introspection, which I have not always been inclined to do, but which now makes all the more sense. The course of study was well devised and, I must say, more challenging than I originally thought it would be before it all gegan. Note that I mean challenging in the best possible way, which made it all the more enjoyable.”—P.C., Kearny, New Jersey

“Though it took me a long time to complete the work, I love every bit of it. The course material spoke to my life and my life spoke to the course material.”—M. J.,Monkstown, Ireland

For an academician’s more detailed appraisal of the course, please click here.

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