The Foundations of Yoga (250-Hour Course)

PURPOSE: The particular purpose of the 250-hour Foundations of Yoga course is to give students in-depth knowledge of the essential features of Yoga against a broad cultural backdrop. This will allow them to make better sense of the materials found in Dr. Georg Feuerstein’s widely read volume The Yoga Tradition and also to approach the further study of any branch of Yoga with greater confidence. At the same time, the course aims at encouraging students to translate this knowledge into daily practice.

COURSE MATERIALS: At the core of the course is a typeset 400-page illustrated Study Guide.

In addition, students also must acquire the following materials by Georg Feuerstein:

(1) The Yoga Tradition (2d or later edition; the page numbering of the first edition won’t go easily with this course) published by Hohm Press.
(2) The Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra, published by Shambhala Publications.
(3) Six audiocassettes or equivalent CDs labeld The Lost Teachings of Yoga, produced by Sounds True.

TIME FRAME: The course is estimated to extend over c. 250 hours. Students are given a maximum of 18 months and a minimum of one year to submit their final questionnaire and essay for their tutor’s response. An extension of up to 6 months is possible, and the extension fee is US $75.00.

HOMEWORK: Each of the 11 Lessons has homework attached to it, and students are required to submit all questionnaires and 1 essay for feedback and evaluation. The essay is due at the end of the course. For those not wishing a certificate, homework is optional.

FOREIGN STUDENTS: The course contains technical material and involves homework, including writing two essays, which means that students need to have competence in English. Our tutoring does not include help with the English language. We ask overseas students to please carefully appraise their level of linguistic competence before signing up, as no refunds will be possible.

CERTIFICATE: Students who have successfully completed the course are granted a certificate of completion, as with our other courses.

COST: The basic fee for the distance learning course is $450.00 plus shipping for a binder containing the course information or $350.00 for the digital download version of the course (pdf), and the full amount is due when signing up for the program. Please note that dollar amounts are in Canadian currency

PAYMENT METHOD: The course must be paid up front by either credit card, or by Personal Check (please contact us for details)

TAX AND CUSTOMS DUTY: Canadian residents are subject to GST/HST and/or PST on our educational materials. For foreign shipments, we will appropriately mark the customs declaration as “educational materials” and insure the package for the material value of the contents. Non-Canadian students may nevertheless have to pay a customs fee at their end.

REFUND POLICY: NO refunds will be made.

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