What Happened Here? by Weinberger

Eliot Weinberger. What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles. New York: New Directions Paperback Original, 2001. Paperback, 184 pp.

Weinberger, who seems to write mostly for the foreign press and translates Spanish poetry into English, is an astute political observer. In this anthology of previously published essays, he provides us in polished prose with a chronicle of the sinister post-9/11 events. He reminds of the spate of lies told by a ruthless regime to a stupefied public suitably kept in a constant state of alert; of a fundamentalist Christian president who made his personal religion a political agenda in a country that long ago decided to separate Church and State; of the senseless slaughter of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq—people who had already suffered tremendously under a blood-thirsty dictator; and of the dangerous thugs that were enlisted to run the government of the mightiest nation on Earth.

It is easy to share Weinberger’s anger about the state of affairs. His wit makes reading his long litany of governmental inanities, blunders, and lies somewhat bearable, though it cannot lift one’s feelings of shocked astonishment and dismay. This book should be compulsory reading for all American voters to avoid the same disaster next time round.

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