The Yoga-Sûtra of Patanjali by Swami Veda Bharati

Swâmî Veda Bhâratî. Yoga Sûtras of Patañjali with the Exposition of Vyâsa: A Translation and Commentary. vol. II: Sâdhana-Pâda. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2001. Hardcover, 860 pages.

This is Swâmî Veda Bhâratî’s English rendering and learned commentary on the second chapter of the Yoga- Sûtra of Patanjali. In 1986, under his former name Usharbudh Arya, Swâmî Veda published his excellent translation and commentary on the first chapter of Patanjali’s celebrated text along with Vyâsa’s scholium. The present work meets the same high standards exemplified in the first volume.

Both scholars and practitioners of Yoga will profit greatly from a thorough study of Swâmî Veda’s book, which contains a master key to unlocking many of the teachings found condensed in the Yoga- Sûtra sometimes to the point of obscurity.

We can only hope and pray that Swâmî Veda will be blessed with good health and a long life to complete his task, so that future generations of Yoga students can enjoy what will be the most comprehensive and detailed elucidation of Patanjali’s Yoga- Sûtra.

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