The Fluoride Deception by Bryson

Christopher Bryson. The Fluoride Deception. Foreword by Theo Colborn. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2004. Hardcover, xxv + 374 pp.

Fluorine is a chemical element, and a somewhat unstable one at that. Fluoride, which industry has seen fit to add to toothpaste and water, is a fluorine-based salt and is supposedly harmless. Bryson, who has researched this subject for a number of years, thinks otherwise. The evidence that fluoride prevents dental decay is skimpy at best. There is, however, better evidence that consistent exposure to this chemical compound increases the risk of nervous system disorders, arthritis, and bone cancer.

Those who have read Rachel Carson’s investigative esposé Silent Spring about the toxic effects of the pesticide DDT when it was first published back in 1962 will have a horrible déjà-vu experience with Bryson’s similarly well-researched and well-documented report, except that fluoride poisoning is still happening to us on a large scale.

If it didn’t sound too ironic, I’d say read this book and weep. The Fluoride Deception, as the title suggests, tells the nightmarish story of industrial and governmental neglect and, yes, conspiracy to continue to make fluoride an omnipresent danger to all.

This dynamite book contains all the ammunition needed for concerted citizen action. Definitely, the time has come to hold industry and government accountable for poisoning the population.

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