The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Scheffer

Mechthild Scheffer. Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy. Rochester, Vt.: Healing Arts Press, 2001. Large-size paperback, 343 pp.

I was skeptical about the efficacy of Bach Flower remedies for years, until I discovered that Rescue Remedy, which I had found most helpful in dealing with a variety of physical or emotional traumas, is in fact part of the Bach Flower repertory.

The English physician Edward Bach (pronounced “ Batsh”), a sensitive and compassionate individual, had, aged 31, a malignant tumor removed from his spleen and was given three months to live. Sheer will and the desire to complete his bacteriological research, however, helped him prove the doctors wrong. He lived on, studied homeopathy, opened his own laboratory, discovered the close connection between archetypal emotions or attitudes and health or ill health, and finally developed the complete system of 38 remedies that today carries his name. He died in his sleep in 1936, aged 50, shortly after placing the copestone on his research for the key remedies to countermand what he called “disharmonies.”

Often confused with homeopathy, the Bach Flower system is a unique approach to self-healing by means of the deep-reaching effects of flower essences, which are “distilled” either by exposure of the blossoms to the sun or by boiling them in water before the mother tincture is mixed with alcohol. The system is based on theoretical considerations that fully acknowledge the spiritual nature of human beings.

Mechthild Scheffer’s encyclopedia is simply the best reference work on Bach flower therapy available today. Splendidly produced, it carefully describes each flower, the symptoms for which each remedy was designed, and the manner of application—complete with color photographs of the virtuous healing plants and many other helpful illustrations.

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