Terror Incorporated by Napoleoni

Loretta Napoleoni. Terror Incorporated: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks. Foreword by Greg Palast. Introduction by George Magnus. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2005. Paperback, xxvii + 323 pages.

There are some important books that one would wish were completely mistaken in their perception of things. The present work is one of them. Loretta Napoleoni, a former Fulbright scholar, specialized in the study of international terrorism before it became a hot topic after 9/11. When a detective cannot find a smoking gun, she looks for the money trail.

Napoleoni has done just that and in the present work shares her alarming findings with the general public: Today we are dealing with two economic systems in the world—Western capitalism on the one side and what she calls the fast-growing “new economy of terror” on the other. The latter economy generates wealth not only for the terrorist organizations and their state sponsors—always under the pretext of religion—but also for Western capitalists who have no qualms about profiteering from terrorism.

The alliance of terrorism and narcotics, which started in the 1980s, has proven particularly profitable as well as deadly. Billions of dollars are laundered through legal American corporations at a huge profit, and a portion of these moneys find their way back to the terrorist organizations escalating their illegal economy. In other words, the American government and large corporations have made a pact with the devil. At stake is an “economy of terror” worth $1.5 trillion (!) per year. The Islamic jihad and its Western counterpart the “war on terrorism” is over who makes and keeps the money.

The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq bred a whole new generation of capitalist Islamic terrorists who readily make alliances with armed groups anywhere so long as the profits keep coming. The fight is not over religion, not even over getting back at the Americans, but simply over money. And the wealthy Arab elites, hitherto protected by the American oligarchy, have become targets as much as First-World nations and organizations.

Napoleoni’s facts are hard to refute, and her analysis of the situation strikes one as brilliant. If she is correct—and there is every likelihood that she is—then all the decent citizens of the world community must reckon on dire trouble in the years to come.

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