Reconciling Yoga by Chapple

Christopher Key Chapple. Reconciling Yoga: Haribhadra’s Collection of Views on Yoga. Albany, N.Y.: SUNY Press, 2004. Paperback, vii + 170 pp.

Little is known about the yogic tradition of Jainism, which has had its own spiritual and philosophical geniuses. Haribhadra is to Jaina Yoga what Shankara is to Vedanta and Abhinava Gupta to Tantra. He was one of the great synthesizers, and his various works on Yoga ought all to be made accessible through reliable translations.

The first 100 or so pages of this book introduce this great adept, his work, and his philosophical edifice. The remainder consists of a competent and very readable English rendering of Haribhadra’sYoga- Drishti-Samuccaya(Compendium on the Yoga Perspective) composed in Sanskrit. The rendering is a joint effort between Christopher Chapple and his colleague John Casey. Both are professors at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Chapple, who has authored several other works, is one of few Western scholars to study Jainism, and the present book makes a most valuable contribution to this much-neglected area of research. Anyone interested in Indian philosophy and ethics or in the theoretical background of Yoga will find this publication rewarding reading.

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