Homeopathy by MacEoin

Beth MacEoin. Homeopathy: The Practical Guide for the 21st Century. London: Kyle Cathie, 2006. Large paperback, 286 pp.

Homeopathy is one of the most significant modalities of complementary/alternative medicine (CAD). With a history of nearly 200 years, homeopathy has proven its effectiveness for virtually any type of ailment. While the underlying mechanism of homeopathy is not yet understood, millions of patients—myself included—know from first-hand experience that this holistic therapy works.

The present book, is one of the leading exponents of homeopathy in Great Britain, is a down-to-earth practical guide for the whole family. It focuses on women (mothers) and young children but contains sound and valuable recommendations for self-treatment of all sorts of everyday health challenges—from overindulgence, travel sickness, and jet lag to bruises, tiredness, insomnia, stress, and mild shock.

The material is neatly organized and readily accessible. Highly recommended.

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