Germs, Biological Warfare, Vaccinations by Null

Gary Null with James Feast. Germs, Biological Warfare, Vaccinations: What You Need to Know. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2003. Paperback, 304 pp.

Gary Null, a leading health and fitness writer, has authored several best-selling works, including Get Healthy Now! In this book he addresses a subject that is of concern to a growing number of people: the threat of biological warfare and bioterrorism.

There is little doubt that because of the degradation of the environment, our immune system is already greatly compromised and that major diseases once thought to have been eradicated are on the rise again. What if, in addition, we were exposed to toxic germs because of a lab accident or terrorist attack?

Null, who considers our present-day situation critically serious, gives a great deal of space to reviewing the history of deadly epidemic diseases, our mismanagement of the biological agents causing them, the ineffectiveness and even danger of immunization, and the specter of bioterrorism. His revelations are sobering and scary to read.

Fortunately, in Part 3, he examines how we can ward off lethal germs by means of diet, detoxification measures, de-acidification techniques, and distressing programs, as well as by means of the use of immune-system-boosting herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This useful book, which also includes a list of resources, should be part of every household’s survival kit.

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