Environmental Change by Oldfield

Frank Oldfield. Environmental Change: Key Issues and Alternative Approaches. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2005. Paperback, xxi + 363 pp.

This textbook addresses itself to the significant environmental and climatic changes we are witnessing today and best to analyze and interpret them. Oldfield, a professor emeritus at the Department of Geography, University of Liverpool, is well qualified for this formidable task.

He expertly guides us through the veritable maze of data spanning 400,000 years, extrapolating into the future. He draws from his considerable research experience over five decades, and while he is conservative in his approach, his book leaves no doubt that the next thirty years are decisive if we do not want to run the risk of experiencing worst-case scenarios of environmental and climatic change.

This book, apart from representing a remarkable personal achievement for its author, is a landmark publication that judiciously pulls together a massive amount of evidence and presents it along with various models in a lucid way. As such it is ideally suited for advanced undergraduate students but also for the intelligent lay reader, who is eager to comprehend the larger picture.

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