Cruise Ship Squeeze by Klein

Ross A. Klein. Cruise Ship Squeeze: The New Pirates of the Seven Seas. Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers, 2006. Paperback, viii + 310 pp.

In 2002, New Society Publishers released Ross Klein’s hard-hitting exposé Cruise Ship Blues, which now, four years later, is followed by the author’s even more revealing and alarming Cruise Ship Squeeze.

Loaded with facts and figures, this new book liberally substantiates the author’s contention that the cruise ship industry “represents capitalism at its worst.” Not only does this multibillion dollar industry exploit its workforce and devastate the environment, it also pays very little income tax and actively influences politics and the media in order to preserve and boost its cut-throat business.

As is amply evident from Cruise Ship Squeeze, the pirates of bygone days were far less savage than their contemporary counterparts. Klein, who feels the cruise industry is “obviously here to stay,” calls on consumers and citizens to make it socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. My vote is to rid ourselves of this form of piracy altogether.

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