Creating Life Together by Christian

Diana Leafe Christian. Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities. Foreword by Patch Adams. Gabriola Island, British Columbia: New Society Publishers, 2003. Large-size paperback, xx + 250 pp.

I remember the rush to create intentional communities back in the 1970s. Most of them failed, because they didn’t have the kind of nuts-and-bolts guidebook that Christian has written almost two generations later. With life in conventional towns and metropolises becoming ever more challenging, it is not surprising that more people are again looking for an alternative to exposure to stress and social disharmony.

As the editor of Communities magazine, Christian was well equipped to write the present book, which is brimming with practical advice and not a little wisdom. She covers all aspects of building a successful intentional community or ecovillage—from the role of founders and clear vision to decision making, legal options, purchasing and financing land, sustainable design, and conflict resolution.

This superb, user-friendly guide will prove beneficial to anyone wanting to create or even join an existing intentional community.

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