Creating a World that Works for All by Abdullah

Sharif Abdullah. Creating a World That Works For All. Introductory Essay by Václav Havel. San Francisco: Berret-Koehler Publishers, 1999. Paperback, xiv + 226 pp.

Abdullah, who also authored The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times, is the director of the Commonway Institute and Three Valleys Project, which seek to promote inclusivity and cooperation between diverse groups of people. He believes that at the root of our disharmonious human world is the inveterate attitude of exclusivity, which creates walls between people: racism, sexism, homophobia, and countless other separatist ideologies.

This is a passionate book, which is deeply concerned with the welfare of all human beings. Inspired by timeless spiritual principles, its author argues that if we want to mend our broken world, we must first mend ourselves and our relationships. To succeed we must join the ranks of what he calls “Menders,” those who consciously opt to conduct their lives in wholeness and integrity and who are committed to repairing the damage done to our human family and this planet by the “Breakers,” who wrested control from the original “Keepers.”

Abdullah offers a sound philosophy and inspirational metaphors for turning our lives around. His book is full of very practical suggestions and helpful examples. It drives home the point that our thoughts matter greatly in shaping the realities of our life.

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