Dharma River (DVD)

Dharma River: Jounrey of a Thousand Buddhas— Laos, Thailand, Burma. Yatra Series. Sacred Journey 1. Direct Pictures, 2003. DVD.

Prajna Earth: Journey into Sacred Nature— Bali, Cambodia, Java. Yatra Series. Sacred Journey 2. Direct Pictures, 2004. DVD.

Vajra Sky Over Tibet. Yatra Series. Sacred Journey 3. Direct Pictures, 2005. DVD.

These three marvelous travelogues, directed by John Bush, are spell-binding creations that introduce the Buddhist heritage as it is articulated in different cultures. At a leisurely pace, they capture—in stunning images—Buddhism’s exquisite art and moments of faith in communal prayer and individual worship. The viewer is treated to splendid photography and, particularly in the case of Vajra Sky Over Tibet, to an instructive narrative spoken by Tenzin L. Choegyal, a nephew of the Dalai Lama. In fact, this third DVD is more a documentary than a travelogue. The films can be played with and without narration.

More information can be found at www.directpictures.com.

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