Dhardo Rimpoche by Sara Hagel, ed.

Sara Hagel, ed. Dhardo Rimpoche:A Celebration. Birmingham, England: Windhorse Publications, 2000. Large-size paperback, 110 pages.

As the subtitle of this book suggests, this is a celebratory remembrance of Dhardo Rimpoche (1917–1990), also known as Thubten Lhundup Legsang, by a number of his students. The celebrants include Sangharakshita, the British founder of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, who was befriended by Dhardo Rimpoche and who regards him as one of his eight key teachers. Sangharakshita received the bodhisattva vows from that great master.

As a boy, Dhardo Rimpoche (“the precious master from the town of Dhartsendo,” his birthplace) was recognized as the thirteenth incarnation ( tulku) of the chief abbot of Drepung Monastery in Central Tibet. He chose, however, to live for most of his life in Kalimpong as the principal of an orphanage and school for Tibetan refugee children.

In 1980 and subsequently, Sangharakshita took his own students on pilgrimages to Dhardo Rimpoche, and all were struck by the lama’s seemingly limitless kindness and generosity.

The tributes in this book all testify to the Rimpoche’s bodhisattvic qualities, and along with the wonderful photographs, give the reader a good sense of this great being. It seems fitting that Windhorse Publications, an arm of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, should have published such a fine volume.

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