Buddhism in Canada by Matthews, Bruce, ed.

Matthews, Bruce, ed. Buddhism in Canada. London: Routledge, 2006. Hardcover, xxii + 170 pp.

This important volume, which is part of the Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism series, contains nine studies focusing, as the title suggests, on the presence of Buddhism in Canada. As Paul Bramadat states in his foreword (p. xiv), this book “functions first and foremost as a kind of national Buddhist ‘map.’” But the individual contributions also address the present-day circumstances and challenges of various Buddhist traditions and organizations.

To be sure, the subject is a complex one and undoubtedly will attract further scholarly attention in the years to come. Part of the complexity is the fact that Buddhism in Canada comprises a large contingent of “ethnic” Buddhists associated with immigrant Asians and a small but growing group of Euro-Canadian Buddhists.

It is regrettable that the essay on “Buddhism in Saskatchewan and Manitoba” does not even mention the contribution by the late Herbert V. Guenther to the dissemination of Buddhist teachings in Canada.

The present anthology is bound to make the task of future researchers a great deal easier.

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