A War Against Truth by Roberts

Paul William Roberts. A War Against Truth: An Intimate Account of the Invasion of Iraq. Vancouver: Raincoast Books, 2004. Hardcover, 366 pp.

Roberts, who was in a suburb of Baghdad when the US bombs started to drop in March of 2003, is an acclaimed Canadian journalist and writer who has taught literature at various universities around the world. An eye-witness to America’s devastating “shock and awe” approach, Roberts does not mince words.

He writes with anger, shame, and a sense of urgency, and his gripping book not only provides an inside view from a person at the receiving end of America’s wrath (or insanity) but also is an indictment of the Bush regime and its military juggernaut.

Like other recent books, A War Against Truth exposes a truth that, I suspect, all too few Americans are willing to hear. Yet, the facts of America’s imperialist machinations in the Middle East must be told to prevent similar “democratic” and “humanitarian” interventions in the future. The lies and the ruthless shedding of blood on foreign soil are inexcusable and predictably will only escalate worldwide terrorism and America’s devious and callous response to it.

Roberts writes that “ Canada’s actual role in the world . . . is what it always has been since the Korean War: to act as the conscience of America.” He adds: “It’s a full-time job, a dirty job.” His well-written book is an instrument of that surrogate conscience.

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